your path
to healing

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your path
to healing

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Your path
to healing

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Wilderness walk and talk therapy

Hi I’m Gina! Lovely to have you stop by Wilderness Walk and Talk. We look forward to walking this journey alongside you. Warmest welcome!


Your Journey Towards Healing

Ecotherapy, also known as nature therapy, is based on the idea that people are connected to and impacted by our natural environment. Research suggests that there are many health benefits to connecting with nature. Symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and anger for instance, are reduced when we spend time out in nature. Walk and Talk Ecotherapy is also effective in the treatment of grief, life transitions, insomnia, coping with trauma and managing difficult relationships. Spending time in nature in the presence of an experienced therapist will help you reach your wellness goals.


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Pinafore Park/ Lake Margaret

Lake Margaret Path is a paved walk that encircles Lake Margaret and briefly meanders through the Lake Margaret residential subdivision. This path joins up with the Pinafore Park walking path.


Springwater forest trail is a well-maintained trail that meanders around Springwater Lake.

Woodstock Conservation Area

Located just outside of the Pittock Conservation entrance gate this is a lovely chip and dust trail.

Tillsonburg TranCanada Trail

This chip and dust trail is a converted rail line. It is normally quiet, but it can be sunny and hot on summer days.

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